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At, we offer a proven product engineered to improve the reading and writing ability of the user.

We provide The Language Enrichment Program for Children ages 9-17, and for Adults. The program is targeted to the three following groups.

  • Children ages 9-17 - This group is primarily managed by one or both parents or other involved adults concerned with the development of a child
  • Adults age 18 and up, including College students and working professionals. Additionally, this product can be extremely helpful in providing the displaced employee with skills useful in re-entering the workforce!
  • Individuals who are learning English as a second language, who may or may not be enrolled in ESL classes
Our product does not require an instructor, and has been used successfully for years by adults in a self-improvement fashion as well as by children and their parents. Developed by long standing NCTE (National Council of Teachers of English) member Jerome H. Smith following three decades of research and testing, The Language Enrichment Program began as a classroom instruction tool which was used to successfully improve both grades and the academic future of hundreds of high-school age pupils in the 1990's through early 2000's. Since 1997, this product has been available for personal use and has improved language skills for thousands of individuals across the nation.

The Problem

Many students are not reading at or above their grade level, but are frequently two, three or more years behind grade level in reading comprehension as measured by standardized reading comprehension tests.

Many adults now realize that their writing ability may not be up to par with current job requirements, finding proposals and memos they write riddled with grammatical errors that the spell checker just won't catch. Employees often struggle with reading procedural manuals, comprehension of job-training material, and may fall behind in their duties in spite of putting in overtime.

Our Solution

The Language Enrichment Program succeeds where alternatives fail by starting at the basics and working up in a spiral approach to learning, taking the user from Nouns and Verbs in the initial pages to Predicate Nominative Complements and related topics in closing chapters. A complete technical explanation behind the methods of development, testing, and use may be found via the "How does it work?" link at the left of this page.

What will the Language Enrichment Program do?

The Language Enrichment Program will improve your reading comprehension, speed, and writing ability. You will find yourself writing with greater confidence through proper word usage, well-organized sentence structure, and grammatical precision in your other academic or professional endeavors.

For children subjected to testing in a school environment, The Language Enrichment Program has repeatedly been shown to increase their reading level by an average of two grade-levels in less than three months! Recent feedback from students following the completion of this program even indicates success in improving ACT scores by three to five points over a prior score of 25!

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